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A few Entrance reasons

And so you are sick of hearing about it, the straight shot to Aspen. I mean, what is it anyway? Didn’t we vote against it? Why is it still here? I understand.

Bear with me, I’ll make this short and sweet.

Reasons to have a new four-lane Entrance to Aspen:

1. You will save 30 seconds to, at most, at the wildest outside estimate, three minutes on your upvalley or downvalley commute. 3 MINUTES! That’s it!

Is this worth $63 million? Not to mention the two years of construction stops and delays to build it.

Reasons to keep the S-curves:

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1. The straight shot will cost an estimated $63 million and that is just an estimate.

2. The straight shot will create an ugly tunnel entrance to Aspen. Hello Vail, here we come!

3. The straight shot will ensnare us in traffic hassles for two to three years. Remember the roundabout?

4. The straight shot will destroy what is now a charming entrance to a town that survives by and prides itself on being charming.

5. The straight shot will save you 30 seconds to get to Main street. Now what? I mean it’s not like Independence Pass is turning four-lane anytime soon!

So here is the deal. Thanks to the work and time of a few concerned citizens, we have a second chance to say no and put a stop to this once and for all. So, let your voice be heard. Vote no on the straight shot in November. The state has declared it will abide by the voice of the people.

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