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A few comments

Dear Editor:

I congratulate you for encouraging letters to the Times editor in place of your censored comments section.

Here are a few comments that your readers can match up with letters to the editor in the Aug. 6 issue:

1) Hinton Harrison: Creeping socialism hits the wall where the moving finger writes enough already.

2) Mayor Mick Ireland: Aspen’s low property tax is a surprise in the richest town in America. Garfield and Eagle counties could adopt Pitco’s master plan and make the tri-county region comprehensive.

3) Sounds of summers past had voice students practicing in downtown buildings.

4) Fair share: On one hand, half of the country pays no taxes and collects all of the welfare. On the other hand, half of the country pays all the taxes, pays off all the debt and is expected to share more of its wealth. This is fair until the country runs out of other people’s money, which would be the most unfair cut of all.

KNCB Moore

Santa Barbara, Calif.

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