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A fed-up Catholic

Dear Editor:Colorado’s arch bishop, the formerly Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput’s recent and very public stance against fellow Catholic John Kerry proves that the once good father is now just another GOP fraud, right-wing ball boy and Bush lackey; and maybe the best reason yet to leave the church.This is heartbreaking for Catholics everywhere. That our bishop would engage in gutter politics while pedophiles are still roaming the alters of our church is disgustingly partisan and a clear violation of a Catholic’s duty to follow his or her conscience.You can now count me among the former Catholics finally fed up with the continued high-handed and hypocritical behavior of our church. I may be risking a few million years in purgatory, but I’d rather hang out there with Kerry and his sinners then sit in heaven next to a–holes like Chaput.Patrick HasburghAspen

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