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A failure of the court system

Dear Editor:This article is in response to Scott Condon’s front-page news on the continuing trial of Russell Thompson (The Aspen Times, Feb. 24). The sham has gone on long enough!Russell Thompson brutally murdered Timothy (Chico) Destromp on the night of Feb. 10, 2001, and has yet to do any serious time in jail for this crime. Attention Coloradoans – you have a violent murderer at large! Your court system has failed us miserably. We have to go no further than to see the videotaped confession after the beating took place. There, Russell Thompson confessed in sickening detail of me way he hit Chico over and over in the face, and of how he had won the “battle.”Now, five years have passed, and Mr. Thompson has finally pleaded guilty with a possibility of only spending a few months in prison! The public should be outraged! Russell Thompson would have done more time had he skipped the violent beating and just got behind the wheel of an automobile that night.The lies and half-truths are completely one-sided in this article. Why? Because no one has stepped up for the deceased. And the public just loves a conspiracy theory. Someone else did it. Right. Maybe, Mr. Thompson, you pleaded guilty because you actually DID murder Mr. Destromp. This is a clear case of denial.Our hopes are threefold. One, that our judicial system will never let this horrible travesty of justice occur again. Two, that after his brief stint in jail, Mr. Thompson will never choose to get drunk and have another battle with anyone. And three, we hope there is a special justice in the afterlife where people receive hell times 10 for not receiving due punishment in this life.Bud YorkumBasalt