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A dog day afternoon

Dear Editor:

I had been dog-sitting for a friend for a day or two. Then I came home to assess the damages my friend’s dogs and mine may have done. At first glance things looked all grand. Then I looked in the backyard, only to notice a furry ball laying under the apple tree. I then realized my girlfriend’s cat of 15 years was covered in dirt, rolled on its back, eyes open, and mouth in bite/defense mode. Riley (our furry Persian cat) was dead and the dog played a large part in Riley’s death.

At this point I lost all control of my emotions and started ranting and yelling that “the dog killed the cat, and I would kill the dog!” Then I started balling and yelling as I wept, then started crying uncontrollably. I went off for a few minutes in a fit of rage and anger that led again to weeping.

As I went to the frontyard to get the shovel, I noticed a Carbondale police car roll by, and tried to get the officer’s attention. I figured I would see him soon.

Sure enough, there was a knock at the door.

Two of Carbondale’s finest very politely inquired about a complaint from two blocks away from my house. I explained the situation and offered them to come in and assess the situation. With gloved hands and a trash bag in one, I showed them the deceased feline in the backyard, and began to weep again.

The officers asked to look around to make sure things were kosher and I consented to them having a look. They were very professional and did an excellent job of public service to serve the person reporting my ranting and angry raving. Thank you, Officer Knott, for your understanding of the situation!

I would like to apologize to my neighbors of the Crystal Village neighborhood for my uncontrollable-verbal outpouring. I lost it! Plain and simple! The officers offered their condolences and left me to bury our beloved cat. Again I am sorry and learned that I need to work more on controlling my emotions, but am still very sad and upset.

Again I apologize for the evening disturbance.

R.I.P., Riley!

John Norman


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