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A display of ignorance

Dear Editor:

Disingenuous, if one is charitable, should be the assessment given to Cameron Scott for his letter of Aug. 25, 2009 (“On mountain biking and wilderness”). Obviously, he does not have much use for the local papers, or he would know that some of us travel the Hay Park area more frequently than he chose to do with his lung- and vision-expanding “inventory assessment” for the Hidden Gems Wilderness Corp.

Any engineer, or for that matter, dumb-assed cowboy can demonstrate that round wheels cause far more damage to the environment than cloven-hooved footprints, but observation of the obvious is apparently not part of Scott’s modus operandi.

There have been no cows residing in Hay Park this summer, nor last for that matter, and for Scott to imply otherwise is a clear demonstration of the type of thinking that has held up progress on many environmental fronts over the years; to wit, the self-aggrandizing philosophy that “the end justifies the means.” Hidden Gems Wilderness Corp. should be embarrassed to be associated with such a person.

Tony Vagneur

Unincorporated Eagle County

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