A dislike of the wealthy

Dear Editor:Addison Gardner in his letter to The Aspen Times on Feb. 28 exemplifies a “good slave” or “suck up” mentality, and would like us to believe that “conspicuous consumption” and wealth-status seeking are not apropos for Aspen.I wonder if this is what is meant by the virtues of the wealthy?They prize hard work (by their workers!).They place enormous value on social freedom (tax breaks, pursuit of greed), equality of opportunity in the workplace (executive pay some 200 times that of their workers), and the sense that there is an obligation to give back to society (providing low paying jobs).Indeed, if many of the real wealthy had earned the same through honest means v. corporate and CEO greed, tax evasion, etc., etc., then they should have respect. Perhaps, Ken Lay was one of those greatly admired by Mr. Gardner.Paul Andersen (“Great wealth,” Feb. 26) was right on!Dale ReedGlenwood Springs


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