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A disingenuous slap

Dear Editor:Toni Kronberg’s latest letter about Burlingame is a disingenuous slap at the voters’ intelligence, claiming that her anti-Burlingame petitions aren’t really anti-Burlingame.Kronberg asserts we at HOPE haven’t read the petitions she circulates: “The funny part is, there are no petitions being circulated to stop big Burlingame.” And, “It’s not about stopping Burlingame.”It is, in fact, precisely because we have read the petitions that we ask people not to sign them and not to vote for the measures if placed on the ballot.The petitions require the city to break its contract with the Zoline family for use of the land on which Burlingame is to be built. The city, having made a promise, would be liable to keep that promise to the tune of millions of dollars without getting the benefit of the housing we voted to create.The claim that the petitions are about something other than Burlingame plays us all for fools. The same people who raised and spent $25,000 and lost in a fair election by a 60-40 margin are back with the same arguments, the same attorneys, the same funding sources, asking us to believe this time they aren’t really about stopping Burlingame.Same stuff, different year. The latest claim that it isn’t about Burlingame is a diversion from Kronberg’s repeated “Fear Factor” arguments. The schools have excess capacity, filled not by housing residents but by our district students. In-school district births at Aspen Valley Hospital are flat since 1993. Traffic counts are flat for the past decade. The housing program has helped preserve some of our vitality, replacing homes lost to conversion for vacation and investment purposes. The petition drive is a direct challenge to the community’s integrity. It asks us to act unethically by renouncing legal obligations at a multimillion-dollar cost, dishonoring City Council election promises at an even higher moral cost and undoing the 2000 Burlingame vote as if it never happened.If Kronberg and her allies won’t honor the elections, referendum, citizen processes and binding legal commitments, at least they could have the honesty to admit the petitions were created to kill the Burlingame project. Mick IrelandAspenMember of HOPE