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A dirty situation

Dear Editor:With great despair, I have been watching the additional Burlingame topsoil saga. As a citizen of Aspen and an architect I am shocked at the way this is being handled. More importantly, why isn’t the rest of the community concerned with the mismanagement of our tax dollars and the impact this is having on Highway 82, the entrance to aspen, Cemetery Lane, the golf course, etc.?How can a project of this magnitude not have had soils tests conducted prior to design, let alone construction? This is the first prerequisite for a project of this size. I was informed that the architect, general contractor, city project manager, and the city manager all recommended to the City Council that these tests needed to be performed prior to design and construction in order to understand the scope of the earthwork and dollars regarding this project. I was also informed that the City Council declined to have these tests performed due to the sensitivity of the Burlingame election and any disruption to the site wouldn’t look good. Then, after the passage of the issue the City Council didn’t want to lose time regarding the current construction season.Doesn’t anyone on the project team or at city hall have any concern for construction budgets? One million dollars is a great deal of money to me, and I hope it is to the citizens of Aspen.Coupled with this is the impact that this bungled affair is having on our community. The trucks that are coming out onto Highway 82 from Burlingame are having a significant impact on the already crowded entry to Aspen. These trucks are coming out on the highway at a rate of approximately every 3-4 minutes.Once the trucks turn onto Cemetery Lane, they immediately turn into the golf/maintenance entrance, snarling up more traffic. The traffic light on Cemetery Lane is a very short light to begin with, and with the holding back of traffic to allow for these trucks to turn, allows possibly two to three vehicles/buses to turn onto Highway 82 into Aspen per light change.The impact on the golf course is also seen with these trucks crossing fairways, creating noise and fugitive dust. This is not a fun place to relax if you’re golfing.Furthermore, a private developer would never be allowed to create such a mess within our community.Certainly, someone should be held accountable to the citizens of Aspen for this ill-conceived project. The question is, should it be the well-respected architect or general contractor, the city project manager, the city manager, or the City Council itself? Well, I have the answer to this question. I am accountable, because I helped elect the current city council that has made these decisions.Oh well, thank goodness there will be another election in two years! Citizens of Aspen, we can do better and should demand it!P.S. The Cemetery Lane/roundabout demo is another fiasco!August G. RenoAspen

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