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A different perspective for LWG

Dear Editor:This is in response to the Valley Journal article of Sept. 29, reporting “little white girls'” (LWG) trip to our nation’s capital to attend the peace rally with “her kind of people, that don’t like to see dead people, Americans or not.”I was surprised to hear that “the capital felt so manly” and that LWG compared the Washington Monument to a “notoriously big phallic symbol” and/or “a sword of manly power.” These statements give cause to wonder. Do all of her “kind of people” in attendance at the rally use the same thought process which includes, “Is Bush hiding a weapon of mass deception in his trousers guiding us to real destruction?” Is this a new sexually oriented philosophy of some kind? Who are the “thousands of pierced and mohawked Gen X, Y, Z’ers blatantly yelling “I@#% Bush”?I know that this letter is going to “piss the LWG” (she seems to like to see these words in print) but I would like to provide a different perspective to her and the many thousands of people LWG said “sacrificed their relaxing weekend to stand up and say to our President F@#! You.”This perspective is gleaned from a military background where I was schooled on how to close with and kill the enemy. As a “masterpiece in fatigues” (LWG’s term) I, along with other masterpieces in fatigues, were often hamstrung in doing our jobs by the “bring the troops home now” crowds and the politicians ready to kiss their backsides to get re-elected. Our current situation could be the second time we would split and run. In that the enemy blows up our military barracks killing many troops, killed those on the USS Cole and continued their attacks on 9/11 (these attacks among numerous others), LWG’s people might be aware of some inclination on the part of our enemies to bring the war to us. We have dodged the bullet at least one known time.The bullet we dodged locally was the arrest of a local woman for felony possession of “an explosive device” (i.e. a pipe bomb) (Post Independent, July 22, 2004). Does one think that this arrest might present a possibility of future terrorist acts against the citizens of our country and our valley? What impact would result to our overall local economy if one pipe bomb were used to kill and maim a large number of tourists and citizens? What businesses and jobs would not be affected by such an act? How long would it take to recover from an event as outlined above?Now, especially for the LWG’s kind of people, what is your plan? Are our local communities ready to address the questions above as well as others implied? I suggest that we let our leaders and our troops do their jobs. Support our nation, troops and those who lead our efforts to protect our citizens and win the war! James E. FosterLieutenant colonel, U.S. Army (retired)Carbondale

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