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A dedicated gentleman

We would like our fellow Eagle County neighbors to join us in voting for Gerry Sandberg for county commissioner on Nov. 5. Here’s why:

All of us who have signed this letter have had the opportunity to work with our county government in the past four years. Our backgrounds, like our politics and political affiliations, are diverse.

While we span the spectrum from liberal to conservative, we have a complete meeting of the minds that one of the most important factors for future success in countywide relationships is to re-establish a sense of trustworthiness and integrity with all our county commissioners.

There is a strong undercurrent of mistrust and divisiveness that is slowly polarizing communities and individuals in our county. More and more of the inside political debate is turning to personal issues and not important community issues.

We believe that Gerry Sandberg is the candidate who is best qualified to restore a sense of collaboration and active problem solving to not only the commissioner’s office, but to mend fences between the county and its communities.

Many of us were initially skeptical of Gerry’s candidacy. Getting to know him, and observing him during his campaign has been instructive. He is clearly a pragmatic conservative, meaning that he takes budget management seriously and doesn’t believe that more county government is good government.

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He is a thoughtful listener who has the courage to withhold an easy answer until he has a fuller understanding of the issue. He generously sets his ego aside and is respectful of other people’s efforts and opinions. Finally, Gerry Sandberg’s integrity sets a standard for all public servants to aspire to.

Recently, an individual called Gerry with an offer to donate to his campaign. Gerry chose to refuse the donation until he could meet with the individual to make sure that the donor really knew the candidate he was supporting. This is not an isolated story.

And it’s stories like these that provide an insight into this bright and dedicated gentleman. Being a good county commissioner is less about grand dreams and promises. It’s about working well with people on a one-to-one basis, respecting their ideas and differences, and working toward inclusive solutions.

We’ve given this a lot of thought and have no doubt that Gerry Sandberg’s skills are exactly what Eagle County needs.

Liz Campbell

Ann Cathcart

Don Cohen

Melinda Gladitsch

Mallie Kingston

Bob Warner

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