A deception

Dear Editor:

Mr. Bramson’s letter (May 2) regarding the alleged “Jewish Holocaust” of “6 million” caught my eye and the attention of my mind.

I am constantly “disconcerted,” like Mr. Bramson, to see these falsifications of history perpetuated and perpetrated upon generations of Americans (and Canadians and people in general) by those of Jewish descent who, being obviously firmly believers in this massive deception, continue to force their false figures and blatant misconceptions upon a public grown weary of the endless repetition of lies that permeate the modern-day holocaust industry.

Possibly even the majority of diaspora are awaking to this reality and that is the reason for the growing disinterest in building monuments to events that never occurred on the scale that the Zionist Jews want the rest of the world to believe.

It’s time to stop blaming and robbing the German people for events and actions that the Zionists orchestrated solely to act as propaganda tools for the exploitation of others and to justify their claims for the false state they created in stolen territory belonging to the Arab Palestinian people.

If we truly require another analogy to what Israel is doing today to its Arab citizens then we only need look at the example of the U.S. government’s genocidal policies toward America’s indigenous population to find an apt comparison. The Nazis are not our problem today. The Zionists have superseded them in myriad ways and it is they who are the new threat to global peace.

Mr. Bramson’s preoccupation with the “6 million” holocaust myth is nothing but subterfuge designed to take people’s minds off the real genocide that is taking place in Palestine today.

And so, as for the alleged “Jewish Holocaust of 6 million” deception I too must say, “Never again!”

Arthur Topham

Cottonwood, British Columbia