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A decent pool

I would like to ask the Aspen Club, the Aspen Athletic Club, the Snowmass Club and the Meadows Health Club how they can consider themselves in the business of “health” when they all have swimming pools so loaded with chlorine that even people who don’t have allergies react to their chlorinated water.

Chlorine is probably worse than magnesium chloride, and they all know it. Why do they even have swimming pools – for looks?

Try swimming at the Meadows. The pool is wonderful but the water is not only chlorinated but hard chlorinated water. Don’t try washing the stink out of your skin in the showers … that’s hard chlorinated water, too.

Unfortunately the only decent pool in the valley is at the Maroon Creek Club – it’s ozone-filtered “unfortunately” because the Maroon Creek Club management and ownership fervently wishes all the swimmers would drown and not contaminate the atmosphere around the golf course.

There is a jock mind-set in this area that views swimmers as wimps and just can’t take them seriously … something like people who hate cats because they think it reflects on their sexuality.

If anyone has a private ozone-filtered pool in the area, I’ll volunteer to clean it in exchange for being able to use it an hour a day to swim laps. Casting the karmic net …

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Pat Milligan

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