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A day that will live in infamy

Dear Editor:On Dec. 7, Pearl Harbor Day, I had my own early-morning Pearl Harbor experience. I was hit from behind by a young male snowboarder. After telling me that I was in his way, he asked if I was hurt. When I told him that my leg was hurt and might be broken he got up and took off. I yelled at him that he was not to leave until the ski patrol came, he turned, flipped me the bird and off he went. His actions sure added anguish to my pain.A ski patroller took my description of the accident and the boarder. This all took quite a while. The patroller said they would keep an eye out for a boarder meeting the description. Of course, by this time the boarder could have been off the mountain and halfway to Glenwood.I spent the rest of the day at AVH to find out that I had a break in my right tibial plateau and some ligament damage behind the knee. The treatment will involve six weeks on crutches while the bone heals, and physical therapy to repair the ligament damage. I guess I’m lucky considering the force of the impact.Some things come to mind on reflection of this experience.1) If this young man’s actions are typical (hopefully not) of modern youth, then modem parents need to think about how they might do a better job in developing higher moral standards in their children.2) There is a thing between skiers and boarders that may not be warranted, but this kind of action surely doesn’t help.3) The Skico generally does a good job in posting skier and boarder responsibilities. What is not clear is what are the penalties if these responsibilities are violated. I think a hit-and-run accident on the mountain should be treated much like a hit-and-run traffic accident and that the ski patrol should put on a full-court press to find the violator ASAP, to maximize the chance of apprehending the violator before he or she is able to get off the mountain. If caught, I think a violator should have their privilege of using the mountains lifted for a significant amount of time. Maybe in my case, the 42 days that I’ll miss.I hope to be back on the mountain by Jan. 18, maybe in full body armor, ’cause it’s getting a little scary up there.Bob BruceAspen

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