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A dangerous street

(This letter was originally addressed to Aspen police and City Hall.)Dear Editor:Cooper Avenue between Aspen and the park is a serious accident waiting to happen. This is caused by the construction site at the Limelight. The walkway in front of the site on the north is narrow, snow-covered and dark. The site on the south is right to the street and there is no place to walk.Besides the danger of someone falling on the ice covered north side, the real traffic danger is that pedestrians walk in the middle of the street. Cars parked on the north side of the street are unable to see these pedestrians as early as 5:30 in the evening and when they back out of their parking spot they are very likely to hit someone. This is especially true because the parking spots are icy and sloped to the rear, which makes a car accelerate more than normal.This situation has existed for over a month and I have personally witnessed three occasions where people were almost hit by cars backing out of the parking.R. A. Nelsen, the Limelight contractor, has been informed of this situation by board members of 210 Cooper HOA and R.A. Nelson and the Limelight have done nothing. It is my understanding that the city has also been informed and still nothing has been done. Either the city has not acted or R.A. Nelson and the Limelight have ignored them also.Perhaps this warning will also be in vain, but I feel better that I have personally brought it to your attention. I now do not park on the north side of Cooper for fear of hitting someone walking down the middle of the street when backing out.Jim FrenchAspen


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