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A dangerous lifestyle to promote

Dear Editor:Glorifying prostitution, drug use and drug dealing sends the wrong message to our youth (“A floozy of a career choice,” July 26). Children have free access to The Aspen Times. Unfortunately, many children are too young to pick up the subtle nuances of Bizirkly’s (columnist Alison Berkley) so-called humor.Allison needs to grow up and set a positive example. If she can’t afford to live in Aspen, then she needs to move, not engage in advocating illegal behavior.Drugs and alcohol ruins millions of lives. Prostitution is demeaning and dangerous.The Aspen Times is the oldest continuous business in Aspen. With freedom of the press comes the obligation to be responsible. The Times management needs to take a good hard look at itself and what its columnists write in the paper.Phil BurnettAspen