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A cycle of self-destruction

Dear Editor:Did you catch Mr. Bush’s radio address last Saturday? Here’s an especially interesting paragraph:”We can never fully understand what would cause a student to take the lives of 32 innocent people. What we do know is that this was a deeply troubled young man – and there were many warning signs. Our society continues to wrestle with the question of how to handle individuals whose mental health problems can make them a danger to themselves and to others.”I was particularly struck by that last sentence: Doesn’t that description sound disturbingly familiar? He was describing himself! “The decider” is hopelessly stuck in a loop of self-destruction, and, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of America, he is taking us with him.Along with a growing number of mental health professionals, psychiatrist Dr. Paul Minot of Waterville, Maine, offers this insight into Geo. W. Bush’s pathology: “As a psychiatrist, I have a distinct clinical impression that I think explains much of Mr. Bush’s visible pathology. First and foremost, George W. Bush has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. What this means is that he has rather desperate insecurities about himself and compensates by constructing a grandiose self-image. Most of his relationships are either mirroring relationships – people who flatter him and reinforce his grandiosity – idealized self-objects – people that he himself thinks a lot of and feels flattered by his association with them. Some likely perform both functions; hence his weakness for sycophants like Harriet Miers and powerful personalities like Dick Cheney.”Does that scare you, somewhat? Dr. Minot goes on with, “Now, I know what many of you are thinking – is George W. Bush willing to risk the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands more American soldiers, on an outside chance to save his political skin, in a half-baked plan that even he knows probably won’t work? Yes, he is. Because George Bush is that narcissistic, that desperate, and yes, that sociopathic as well.”How can we deal with this problem?Jan GirardotGlenwood Springs

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