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A critical review

Dear Editor:

About a month ago my wife bought two reserved tickets to the Bruce Hornsby concert at the Belly Up. It was an early and much-appreciated Christmas gift. My wife and I are on a fixed income, and it’s fixed kind of low so this was a nice extravagance.

That Saturday we were running about five minutes late. I was concerned that we wouldn’t get a seat. Again I was reminded we had reserved seats.

When we arrived we were escorted to our seats, which weren’t there. A hostess went and got a chair, placed it in the aisle and gave me this sage advice: “Don’t block the aisle.”

I perched my ass on the stool for about five minutes while two Aspen debutantes glared daggers into the back of my head. We eventually moved back to the bar to listen to the music. Note to Belly Up: Don’t sell seats that you don’t have!

Note to Bruce Hornsby: I realize that musicians, especially good ones, want to spread their wings and do a lot of new material. That’s all well and good. But when you do a few old ones, do them in some recognizable form. I know you did “End of the Innocence” only because I heard the words end of the innocence … the rest of it reminded me of my drunken brother at a karaoke bar. I love the piano section of “The Way it Is,” one of your biggest hits. Never heard it. That song was done as a ska hymn. If you see the Stones, Mick doesn’t come out and say, “Me and the lads would like to do ‘Midnight Rambler’ as a polka.”

If your old music (the disgusting crap that made you famous) is intolerable to you in its original format, pack it in.

John Finlayson


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