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A costly proposition

Dear Editor:

I see that planners for solutions to the dangerous pedestrian crossing at the Aspen Airport Business Center for Roaring Fork Transportation Authority service are asking for public input Thursday in the art gallery at Colorado Mountain College. I urge residents, workers, students and employers of this busy area to speak up before it is too late. If you can’t attend, at least send a representative, an email, or drop off a note with some signatures.

They are proposing an over- or under-pass that not only would be incredibly expensive and disruptive to build, it does not serve the community. As mentioned in The Aspen Times on Sept. 29, RFTA envisions bus routes in Carbondale and Basalt “through more neighborhoods” to avoid congestion on main thoroughfares. Why would they not route their buses through the ABC in one of Aspen’s busiest residential and commercial neighborhoods? It is a no-brainer.

The roads are already there for an easy safe loop off the highway. They go through Burlingame, don’t they? Many more people would get on the bus if they didn’t have to walk long distances, often in inclement weather and in the darkness, often alone. Isn’t that the goal of having a bus system? Of course the airport could also be incorporated into the loop to much better serve our visitors and residents.

Please note that the plans call for closing the southern entrance to the ABC and funneling all traffic through the main stoplight, which is already difficult to maneuver. Is this what we want?

There is a page for comments and diagrams at http://www.facebook.com/pedcrossing. I urge you to contact those you feel would be your best voice from RFTA officials to county and city leaders.

Susan Melton