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A coordinated celebration for HST?

Dear Editor:As a journalist in Vancouver, Canada, I would have dropped any and all plans I may have had to come down with my writer friends to Hunter S. Thompson’s memorial in August. But as I have read in your paper, this isn’t going to happen – family and close friends only. Sad, that this would be the pilgrimage of a lifetime, perhaps inspiring us even more in our journalistic endeavors.If we can’t be there in person perhaps we should synchronize some sort of global memorial of our own on August 20th – going out into our backyards and setting off major fireworks at the same instant. I don’t know – what can one do to remember somebody who made an intense impact on an 11-year-old girl, inspiring her career in 1971?I’ll celebrate his life in my own way and hope that others all over the world are doing the same. At least then I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing it’s not just me, but friends together – as it should be.Dianne VanKirkVancouver, BC, Canada

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