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A confused American

Dear Editor:

I’m confused. My father put his life on the line in World War II to help liberate and give independence to many countries, including most of Europe and Southeast Asia. He came back, raised three wild boys, and did the best a father could do and still does to this day.

I’m very proud of him and happy he came back alive to be such a good father; many of his fellow Americans did not come home alive. Let’s take France, for instance; many thousands of Americans died to give the French their freedom and independence. Should we ever take note? We gave blood! When is the French Independence day? Do we give a rat’s ass?

How about Cinco De Mayo? Heck yeah, let’s party! That is May 5, the day the Mexican Army defeated the French Army; it is celebrated nationwide … yes, in this nation.

I’m confused … OK, move on, ya racist. How about 9/11? Wow. Just that date alone, we “all” remember … thousands died as I watched live on TV that day that brought trauma to millions and spawned two wars our nation will never completely get out of. OK, so what’s happening 9/11/2010, to honor the fallen? Let’s check the Glenwood Springs Chamber website. Nothing about that day. Oh, here we go, they are co-sponsoring “El Grito” … Mexican Independence Day. Lots of entertainment, they say!

I’m confused. OK, move on, you racist. I have just finished traveling to many different countries. Every country I was in, I was asked on a regular basis for my passport and visa identification. Did I freak out? Did I file a lawsuit? Did I take to the streets and cause trouble and defy the law? No. Why not? Because I was there legally, proper, and I understand they are doing their job to protect themselves and me.

I’m confused. Why is that happening in America? You know what I do if I feel a country that I am not from mistreats me? I leave!

Rick Covington

Glenwood Springs