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A compassionate community and a trusty helmet

Dear Editor:

Mere words, in quantity beyond space allowed or quality, past my limitations as a writer, cannot return the compassion and support from our community following the bike crash I suffered in early June.

To single out any one of you who have expressed support and provided aid might be unjust to those left unmentioned by virtue of my inability to track the seemingly countless e-mails, visits, rides, meals, cards and cheers I have enjoyed.

It is this sharing of love and compassion, more than the beauty and opportunity Aspen offers, that defines this place as a real community. We are Aspen because of the way we are in aiding one another through stress, setbacks and difficulty.

I would not be writing this but for the helmet I was wearing. To the many who have offered to do more, in support of my continuing recovery from fractured collarbone, ribs, scapula, etc., etc., I ask one final favor: Put on your helmet, get others to do the same, no lame excuses about your hair style or “it’s just around town.”

I’ll feel better, you’ll be safer, and our community will be stronger for your leadership.

Aspen, your kindness in all of this will never be forgotten.

Mick Ireland


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