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A community ideal, embodied

To: Tiziano Gortan, owner, L’Hostaria

From: Darryl Grob, Chief, Aspen Volunteer Fire Department

Re: Tremendous service

On a Wednesday night, Nov. 7, the Aspen Volunteer Fire Department was summoned to a large structure fire at 127 West Hopkins Ave. The ensuing fire suppression required very strenuous and prolonged effort on the part of the volunteers. L’Hostaria, packaged up meals and generously donated them to the firefighters, paramedics and policemen on scene that night. Needless to say, the fresh and delicious food was very much appreciated.

Subsequently, on the evening of Dec. 5, the Aspen Volunteer Fire Department was sitting down to dinner at L’Hostaria, following their monthly business meeting, when our pagers erupted to announce a fire call in Aspen Village. We got up and left the several tables to respond, two dozen or so firefighters winding their way out. It was a serious disruption. Several minutes later the call was downgraded to a false alarm and we all returned. The staff resumed service as if nothing had happened ” and the meals were outstanding.

On behalf of the Aspen Volunteer Fire Department, please extend our thanks to your fine staff. Our volunteer firefighters embody the community ideal, and genuinely appreciate seeing those same community values expressed by your staff.

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