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A community celebrates

Aspen Times Staff

Snowmass Villagers gather for a community photo. (Dan Bayer photo)

About 150 Snowmass Villagers got together for the first ever Snowmass community photo. They were some of the 300-400 residents who came to the town’s annual community picnic on Aug. 13.

For the photo, villagers were divided into groups according to when they moved to town. The largest group consisted of the ones who came pre-incorporation (Snowmass Village was incorporated in 1977; it opened as a resort in 1967), according to Kathleen Milbrath, the town’s spokeswoman.

“These were the people who moved to Snowmass early on [in its development] and have seen it all,” Milbrath said. “They’re really prideful. The people in this group know what this community is all about.”

People who moved to Snowmass Village in the ’80s and ’90s were also well represented, and so were the kids. From babies to teenagers, it seemed as if the next generation of villagers filled the lawn. The Aspen Historical Society will keep the Snowmass community photo in its archives.

“The picnic was a great success,” said Madeleine Osberger, publisher of the Snowmass Sun, which sponsored the community photo. “It was nice to see people from pre-incorporation up to newbies and second-home owners. I was surprised at how many people showed up.”

Snowmass Village traditionally held its community picnic on the Fourth of July weekend, but the last one was not well attended, so the town tried a new time, still in the summer when everybody’s around but not as crazed as in July. It was also the first community picnic since the approval of Base Village, which had bitterly divided this close-knit community for a time. “It was the first time people got to be a neighborhood again since Base Village was approved,” Milbrath said. “It was time to get together and be friends again.”

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