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A common sense solution

Dear Editor:

Aspen, please wake up before it’s too late.

I’ve been coming to Aspen every year since 1967 and lived and worked here from 1991 to 1998, so I think I have a pretty good perspective on what’s been happening to Aspen over the years and what I believe should be done.

I am just dumbfounded by the voters’ choice over the years of the current mayor, Mick Ireland. This is person who wants to take away your freedoms and substitute an elitist, unrealistic, leftist government plan for Aspen. He and his cohorts want to have commuters and tourists pay to drive into Aspen. Give me a break, you already have Mr. Marolt willing to give land to make the S-curves go away. I am just amazed how the traffic at 4 or 5 p.m. is still going on when it can be eliminated by having a straight-shot to get in and out of Aspen.

Mr. Ireland, who must walk or ride his bike to work, thinks everybody who cannot do the same must pay a price to visit his personal playground. Aspen, please wake up, do not go along with his absolutely idiotic proposals for traffic, do not support his views. I am telling you because I love this town. I promise you that if you have user fees, people will stop coming to visit and spend money. Every time I read that Aspen is adding more paid parking, I shake my head because all the city does with the additional money is add more enforcement officers. What a crazy cycle, but I’m sure Mick Ireland just loves it!

I know Aspen is a special wonderful place, but don’t wreck it by buying into the leftist view of Mick Ireland. Vote him out, correct the traffic problem by wisely accepting Mr. Marolt’s generous offer of land to eliminate the S-curves, and stop spending the city’s excess revenues on silly, meaningless pet projects of Mick Ireland. I cannot believe Aspen has been waiting this long for a common sense solution to a relatively simple traffic problem.

Robert Jensen

Newport Beach, Calif.

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