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A comeuppance

Dear Editor: “There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity.” – Johann Wolfgang von GoetheI’m struck by what must have provoked this in Goethe’s time. I believe this every day and the last six years of George II’s reign has done nothing but confirm this. I found it as the quote of the day on my Google-customized home page. What the hell? Pith from the random digits of the Internet. Can random selection be that apropos? Do you think Karl Rove is feeling this? Mark Foley? Tom DeLay? Jack Abramoff? Donald Rumsfeld? Aggressive stupidity; maybe red state gone blue is a good indicator that Goethe is right. He didn’t say there would be a correction, but he may have implied there would be a comeuppance. Maybe there is always a payback, it just takes six years to come to fruition. Yahoo for a “thumpin’.”Randy DaySnowmass

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