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A Comcast horror story

Dear Editor:

On July 1, I walked to my local Aspen Comcast office. They offered me a special of $99 per month which included:

1. Standard cable

2. High-speed Internet

3. Long-distance phones

The woman told me the cable box that I had at home would not be affected, and they were scheduled to come on the third of July to install the phone.

On Saturday we waited two hours and then received a call to say the technician was broken down and to reschedule to the 10th. Surely if it was their fault they would give priority to people who were canceled on. Later we found out the technician left because we were not home.

Then we came home on the fourth and the screen was blank, so we called the 800-number and they rebooted the system again. We lost 40 channels and were moved to basic cable. So now very frustrated we called back and now we are told we have basic cable (although On Demand was actually working). I spoke with Faith, who basically had no power to do anything. She looked into getting the technician to come earlier but only by one day. She basically suggested that we walk back to our office that was open on the fifth of July. She could not fix the cable over the phone but a technician could. I also spoke with the “live chat,” and Karen said she would be frustrated too if it were her and suggested I e-mail the support desk.

So on the fifth I walk back to the office where it says the office is closed. So, I manage to see a technician truck and speak with him. He can do nothing without an order and tells me I should just call the 800-number. He actually suggests saying I have no cable so that they will come out and fix it. So I call back the 800-number and the lady tells me she is going to change me back to standard cable over the phone and will call me back to get a technician out today. She never called back.

So I called back and they decide to cancel the work order for the phone and change the cable back to standard. Within minutes cable is back on at the standard package but missing the 40 channels. Ken then told me he would waive the $99 installation fee even though he is now the first person to tell me of the fee. After getting annoyed with me he said he would credit the account $20 for the inconvenience. After canceling the phone he reschedules the appointment to Sunday the 11th.

We have spoken with numerous staff members of Comcast and each is on a different page. When I suggested free cable for the month the 800-number the lady said “not likely.”

Is this normal, or are my Comcast service expectations out of whack?

Jacquelyn Carr


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