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A cold, heartless letter

Dear Editor:

Regarding KNCB Moore’s letter to the editor (“The trials of life,” May 23, 2011, The Aspen Times).

Mr. Moore, would you explain further your message regarding the coyotes grabbing a dog on a walk, and killing it in front of its owner? What is your actual message here to the owner?

Most pet owners, especially dog and cat owners, regard their animals as family members; in fact, they are family members. A pack of coyotes could have just as easily snatched a small child on a peaceful morning walk along a trail and eaten it alive in front of a parent. What is your point?

What does a tragedy like what just happened have to do with being “a true environmentalist?” And your comment, “Welcome to resort living.” What does that mean?

Coyotes that prey on domestic animals can just as easily prey on small children and should be considered extremely dangerous and removed. Bears that come into the city and do more or less the same are quickly removed, as should be the coyotes as far as I am concerned. They don’t belong on Aspen’s popular trails, jumping out at people and grabbing their dogs or just as easily a small child; and most children aren’t on a leash and run ahead along a trail as does a dog.

So would you further explain what you are suggesting here regarding this incident? It just sounded like “too bad, that’s nature,” and somewhat heartless.

Betsy Rockett


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