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A coat is a terrible thing to waste

Dear Editor:

I find it upsetting that there was a recent Comedy Night for Coats fundraiser at Steve’s Guitars, and I found a perfectly good down coat on top of the rubbish bin at the Carbondale carwash.

I thought it was surely ripped and in pieces. I picked a baby-blue Obermeyer kids ski jacket with the previous owner’s name in black marker on the collar tag.

I looked over the coat – it was dry, did not stink, had no sign of wear and tear, and there was no reason it should go to the landfill. So I put it in my truck to take to the thrift store.

Then I went to Alpine Bank – because they are a local community bank – and noticed a coat-drive area at the front door. If ever there was a time to throw away perfectly good items, it is certainly not – if ever! – after such a devastating forest-fire season with great loss to many Colorado families!

What a waste! I encourage us all during the holiday season (and always) not only to give but to not waste! One person’s trash might keep another warm for a winter – or three!

Have happy and merry holidays!

John Norman


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