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A closer look at Tony Hershey

Dear Editor:Well now, Scott Condon writes a nice article about him making me think that maybe there IS redemption after all for Tony Hershey (“That was then, this is now,” March 18), and then he goes and immediately responds with a letter to the editor in support of – you guessed it – Tim Semrau (Aspen Daily News, March 18). Oy vey. Surely Tony Hershey is a man who just can’t stand prosperity. He has finally answered for me the question: “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”Aw, shucks. Maybe I should be more charitable. Perhaps he’s just your typical American after all and will do the right thing after exhausting all the other possibilities. And those juvenile offenders he deals with don’t realize it but they just “got lucky!” Oy vey.P.S. Mea Culpa: I hate to admit it but I bear some responsibility for Tony’s presence in our valley. As a member of the Aspen City Council I participated along with others in the decision to hire his dad, Marty Hershey, as chief of police way back when. Just another page in the Journal of Unintended Consequences. You never know, do you? Finis origine pendit.Jim BreastedCarbondale