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A clarification

Dear Editor:I would like to clarify a misrepresentation of the Roaring Fork Club application that has been consistently put forth by many in the community, including your paper. The Roaring Fork Club development application offers to build not 36 affordable housing units, but nine, plus three financed by the Meyers. This totals 12 affordable units – not 36. And these units would have been built in order to comply with the town’s employee housing mitigation requirement. So, these units would offset the impacts of the proposed development, not solve an existing town need (i.e., replacement housing).The RFC application included five acres at the corner of the Meyer property near Highway 82 to be donated to the town. On this land, the club and the Meyers would build their required 12 units and leave space for up to an additional 24 units. Offering land for potential housing is a far cry from financing the construction of actual homes.Thus, at the time of the town’s decision to deny the application (and after two years of being told that the replacement housing was key component of the a application), the club offered no replacement housing for existing town residents, just some land that could potentially be used for such housing.David CramerBasalt

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