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A clarification

Dear Editor:

I enjoyed Hilary Stunda’s article in the Aspen Times Weekly on the recent fall outdoor education program at Aspen Middle School. The best legacy of past programs is continuing community support. Thank you to all who made this trip so memorable. Congratulations to this year’s participants. You are now eighth-graders.

However, the remembrances of Stacy Adams do not pertain to any fall outdoor education program at Aspen Middle School. She was a participant in a follow-through program, which was not part of fall outdoor ed. Follow-through was run at Aspen Middle School for more than 10 years for relatively small groups of randomly selected eighth-graders. Winter mountaineering, Escalante and living history (or the Indian program) were the three follow- through programs.

Stacey’s vivid journal description of her ascent on Castle Peak wasn’t on eighth-grade outdoor ed, but rather on winter mountaineering. Follow-through combined the skills learned on fall outdoor ed with new outdoor skills and pertinent academic preparation. Winter mountaineering was a way to use what had already been learned in fall outdoor ed.

Stacy’s experience 30 years ago is testament to the lasting value of experiential education.

David Roupp

Snowmass Village

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