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A Christmas miracle: Angel is home again

Janet Urquhart

Angels and miracles are hallmarks of Christmas, and one local family has experienced both this holiday season.Their cat, lost five years ago at Christmastime, is back at home, reunited with its owners through an unlikely series of events and a photograph in the Aspen Times Weekly.Sam Mosher and her children, Lindsey and Parker Lathrop, adopted a pair of cats from the Aspen-Pitkin County Animal Shelter a decade ago. Fly and Angel joined the family, but Angel took flight five years ago.The family posted fliers around town with a description of Angel’s unique features: “She’s kind of hard to miss because she has one blue eye and one green eye,” said Lindsey, now 22 years old. Eventually, they figured the cat was gone for good – that perhaps she’d fallen victim to a hungry coyote or fox.Then last weekend, Lindsey dreamed that Angel had returned. When she told her mom about the dream the next morning, Sam pointed out a photo in the Dec. 18 Aspen Times Weekly. “I said, ‘that looks like Angel,'” Sam recounted.The photograph of a white cat named Tye-Dye, with one blue eye and one green one, was featured in the Times’ cover story on Christmas gift ideas. A pet, adopted from the shelter, was one of the suggested gifts.By coincidence – or miracle – the cat was selected over other pets in the shelter’s care for the photograph.Its prior owner had died and her husband apparently gave the cat up for adoption. Lindsey called the shelter and the husband, who confirmed he and his wife had found the cat near the base of Red Mountain shortly after Angel ran off. They renamed the stray Tye-Dye.The cat Lindsey found in the shelter was thin and withdrawn, but responded immediately to her old name, she said.”Right away when we saw her, she came running over and started purring,” Lindsey reported. At home, she has also been reunited with Fly.”Once they got together, they were making little cat-chat sounds at each other,” Lindsey said. “It’s so cool to have Angel back. It’s such a great story.”Janet Urquhart’s e-mail address is janet@aspentimes.com