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A cheap penalty

Dear Editor:

I just read the letter about y’all finally patrolling Killer 82 and fining those who violate the HOV lane rules (“Mind your HOV … PitCo deputies are watching you (and ticketing),” Oct. 9): $66 is pretty cheap.

Since I moved to Las Vegas a year ago after living in the Roaring Fork Valley for 12 years, I certainly notice the difference. Here the fines for breaking the traffic rules are much steeper. I just got a speeding ticket going 10 miles over in a residential 25 mph zone (not a school zone) ” the fine … a whopping $190! This was my first ticket in over 10 years. I’ll watch those speed limit signs more closely now.

Happy trails from my new Nevada plates that say “ZGASPEN” ” I had to change the old plates after the ticket ” bad karma. Be safe and appreciate what you have ” living in the Roaring Fork Valley is truly a privilege.

Wendy Hemingway-Warm

Las Vegas

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