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A chance to lighten up

Dear Editor:Now that Aspen Institute President Walter Issacson has made a Rhodes Scholar decision to keep Paepcke Auditorium, in the Paepcke name, we serious and concerned Aspen residents have an opportunity for levity and fun in The Aspen Times editorials.So here goes: Citing Tom Cruise’s yearlong metamorphosis from pure box-office phenomenon to pop-culture punch line, Viacom’s chairman, Sumner M. Redstone, said Tuesday that Paramount Pictures was ending its 14-year relationship with the actor’s production company.There were a number of reasons cited by the caustic Mr. Redstone: jumping up and down on Oprah Winfrey’s couch to declare his love for the actress Katie Holmes; speaking out publicly against psychiatry and for his religion, Scientology, and assailing Brooke Shields for taking prescription drugs to treat postpartum depression.Rumor has it that Tom Cruise is now suffering from a new malady: post-Paramount depression (laughs) … There aren’t any prescription drugs to treat this ailment, but I’m sure that Brooke Shields might have a few ideas.Perhaps coming out of the closet might be his next publicity stunt!Just kidding Tom, please don’t sue me.Scott David CourtsAspen/Santa Barbara, Calif.


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