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A challenge to Basalt

Dear Editor:In response to the article on Tuesday, Feb. 6, about the ejection of Mayor Duroux from a high school basketball game [“Basalt mayor tossed from hoops game”]:I am an alumnus of Basalt High School, and currently a senior at Colorado State University. Having been a cheerleader at Basalt for two years, I am a diehardLonghorns fan. This past weekend I was home and went to the Basalt home game on Friday night and the rivalry game at Roaring Fork on Saturday night. The behavior displayed by fans was appalling both nights. Friday night I happened to be sitting on the opponent’s side with a friend, and there was a Basalt fan who was shouting obscenities at the officials the whole time. I eventually turned around and told him to be quiet and calm down, but the refs did nothing, and I wished they had.Saturday night, when Mayor Duroux was ejected, I was again embarrassed to be a Basalt fan. His comments were rude, loud and obnoxious. I was sitting on the opposite side of the gym and I could hear him. The decision to throw him out may seem harsh to some, and it could have been a rash decision, but it was not unwarranted.Before these two nights I was someone who prided myself, and the town of Basalt, on good sportsmanship and conduct. I am no longer able to say that. These two incidents have shown that Basalt fans have increasingly become rude and offensive to other fans. More than that, they are parents of students that go to school there. When you act in such a fashion, what are you teaching your kids?I am here to tell you though that we are not all like this, and these few people are making the majority look bad. I personally challenge the town of Basalt to act appropriately at sporting events. These officials are there for the kids first and the love of the game second. It is up to the fans to show them the respect they deserve, as well as respecting the other teams and the fans that travel with them. Learning self-control is something everyone needs to work on. Mayor Duroux’s ejection is an example for us all of what happens when we are unable to control ourselves, and I would hazard to guess that he’ll think twice before he spouts his mouth off again.Shelby WoodFort Collins

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