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A case for Ranch Good Days

Dear Editor:

I am a girl in foster care with hopes of having a “better” life than what I have had in my earlier years. Ranch Good Days is my home. It’s a place where I actually can feel safe.

As I read the Feb. 29 edition of The Aspen Times article “Land Battle Brewing on the Mesa,” I felt a flood of feelings come over me. I couldn’t believe the response of the sellers and their lawyer that they stated they would not sell the very land we work with everyday, to our girls ranch.

When the lawyer said he would sell the land leased by Ranch Good Days to someone else, I suppose one could call this simple discrimination but I call it selfishness.

Why not help Ranch Good Days to purchase the land? Ranch Good Days only helps young women like myself, a person who has endured very bad things from adults that were supposed to care for their child, but didn’t.

What difference will it make to the sellers and their lawyer if they sell the land to someone other than Ranch Good Days? Will it just make them a little richer? Why not sell it to us, Ranch Good Days?

It makes me wonder if they have ever been really challenged before, for then they would know how badly this home for girls is needed. It really hurts to know there are people like this.

Ranch Good Days helps us, the girls, get healthy and receive therapy to get over what we have been through. It is a place where we are not judged and never abused.

We are not going to give up. I believe we have the chance to make a difference, not only for ourselves but for other girls that don’t have a caring home to go to or are in a place where their voices are not heard.

I am still young, 15 years old. But along with the other girls, Dr. Otabachian and the people who support us, we will take a stand, and we won’t give up on the lot of land with ceremony healing for us. We will not back away!

Yara Villegas

Ranch Good Days



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