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A caring community

Dear Editor:

Safe Chicks, a Denver-based nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching high school girls safety skills through awareness and self-defense, went to Aspen last weekend.

The concept of “it takes a village” was perfectly illustrated by the way they welcomed Safe Chicks. It was an experience we will never forget.

It was clear to us from the moment we arrived that the girls in Aspen are well-loved and cared for by their whole community. So how do we thank a “village” for being such incredible advocates for their daughters?

There is Mary Moyer, who for almost a year pursued Safe Chicks to come to Aspen to educate her daughter and her daughter’s friends before they went off to college. While in Aspen, we learned about the Demeter Project, a group of moms and daughters who sustain their organization with the power of communication. I learned from Beth Mondry about the project’s foundation, and their well-thought-out mission.

Due to the generosity of this dedicated group, which also includes Jane Hills, Molly Gregory, Marion Lansburgh and Laura Kaplan, we were able to teach a total of 90 Aspen girls and moms, free of charge.

We want to thank your local police who rallied around their girls with such passion. Tina Schairer, from the Aspen Police Department, was unwavering in her commitment to make our class happen in a big way. Aspen High School Principal Charlie Anastas also welcomed us as an advocate for his girls. Lastly, thanks go out to Andrew Kole, a dear friend, who arranged, through the Aspen Square Condominiums and the St. Regis, to house us during our stay.

There are many others who also contributed to the success of the program. When a community comes together for the well-being of their children, it is heart-opening. Through sleet and snow, we got there to witness what good can happen when people come together to show they care.

Stay safe.

Anne Diamond

founder, Safe Chicks