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A candidate’s withdrawal

My interest in running for city council has been to change the direction of “more is better” that our local government is pursuing as well as the attitude of contempt towards the community that is displayed by some of our current council members. Since I announced my candidacy 10 weeks ago, several other outstanding candidates also interested in changing the direction and attitude of our local government have stepped forward.

With so many other candidates with views similar to my own, I’m concerned that the votes of reason will be split too many ways leaving the incumbent politicians who want to develop at any cost with enough votes to win outright or claim the top spots for a runoff election.

Therefore, I am withdrawing my candidacy for this election. This way, those who planned to cast a vote for me will now be able to cast their votes amongst a smaller group of candidates who are looking five-, 10-, or 20-plus years down the road to ensure the choices we make today will provide for a sustainable community in the future.

I want to thank the many people who support me and I look forward to working together to elect a new City Council. We can make Aspen better without making it bigger. Vote for Change in the Election.

Bert Myrin