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A call to prayer

I’m not a religious person, but I find myself praying a lot these days. Something in the order of, “One more big storm, pleeeaaase. One more big storm before the end of the season.”Last night my prayers consisted of, “Please, God, more than 5 inches, just give me more than 5 inches.” Five inches is about the threshold that I can justify a couple of runs on the busiest day at the paper. My prayers were answered – I woke at 6 a.m. to find 6 inches reported for Aspen Mountain and got a couple of hours of work in before the mountain opened.Six inches was just the right amount of heavy, sloppy spring snow to fill in the troughs and provide some extremely satisfying fresh tracks. Thanks to a visiting friend from New York City for making me aware of how good life is here. And thanks to the prince of the hill for, once again, leading us to the best lines on the mountain. Suffice it to say that Bingo Glades (my first time ever in there) was heavenly. And there were face shots to be had on the nose.But is it ever enough? Noooo, apparently not. Despite yesterday’s blessing, mostly these days I feel like God (or Mother Nature, or whoever) is teasing us. So far this March, while Utah has been getting pounded, while the San Juans are getting buried, we get a little dusting, a fleeting kiss.Last March the season dried up when the snow stopped and temperatures hit 70 – and stayed there – in Denver. Surely we must be redeemed this March, no?And perhaps we will be. As I write this, snow is falling again and I can feel my skier’s hopes rising and the prayers beginning to move my lips. Maybe this is the big one coming in, and those last couple squalls were just the teasers. “Please, God, 18 inches … or how ’bout 12? Just 12 inches, God. Please. Is that too much to ask?”Today’s report: Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk are reporting 5 new inches up top in the past 24 hours, Aspen Mountain picked up 3 and Snowmass has 2. That makes for a foot of new snow at Highlands and Buttermilk in the past two days, 11 inches at Snowmass and 9 at Aspen Highlands.

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