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A call to arms

Dear Editor:I was a recipient of the flier relating to possible restrictions regarding single-family homes as reported in the front page article on Jan. 27 (“‘Alarmist’ fliers make rounds in Aspen”). The article speaks of a potential ordinance that would preclude or delay tearing down single-family houses and replacing them with new, or major remodeling to exiting homes.Some city officials called the flier “dramatic,” “alarmist” and “strong.” The only statement in the flier that could be considered misleading would be the statement advising that “the Aspen City Council is about to pass an ordinance,” as opposed to just discussing it.Such an ordinance would be totally unfair and of questionable legitimacy. The flier was simply a call to arms before the ordinance could be slid into place. Actions too often taken by the city contribute to that strong feeling, “Screw you, I’ve got mine.”All property owners concerned about their property values must oppose such a restrictive concept.Ron HarrisAspen