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A call to action

Dear Editor:

When is it going to be enough, and how many more deadly shootings do we need, before we will all realize we need some sort of meaningful, well-thought-out gun control?

On Friday, we learned of the latest in the long list of shootings, where many of the victims were younger than 10. I cried when I read about this senseless slaughter at an elementary school, and I think about my own children and about the parents and what they must be going through. I cannot imagine a more horrific scene.

I am a proud gun owner of many of the same weapons that have been used in some of these recent shootings, and I don’t want anyone to try to take them away. That being said, I would have no problem registering my guns with the state of Colorado just as I do with my truck and SUV. Does anyone really think registering your car is an impediment to owning one legally? The gun owners of America need to wake up and smell the blood of the innocent victims. Wake up before one of your family members is the next victim.

I would ask every gun owner to just for a moment put yourself in the mind of one of these parents of one of those young victims and ask yourself: Is owning my gun free of any license or registration worth the death of my child? America, we cannot continue to move forward simply making a list of the worst body counts.

We are better than this, and we do not have to simply accept this violence as part of our gun culture; we can change the path we are on. The only question is how high the body count has to get before we will do something about it.

Joe Enzer


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