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A call to action

Dear Editor:

There is a time to remain silent. There is a time to speak up. The speaking-up time is now. Some find it intolerable that America has found her voice. Some call us racists or hateful or “Astro Turf.” But it matters not, because we have an amazing heritage and we treasure what God has given us. We see the handwriting on the wall. Granted, it took us an awfully long time to get energized, but when our homeland is being fundamentally transformed before our very eyes without our permission, it is our duty to heed the call to action.

We are Americans. There is no other nation like us on earth. We love who we are and don’t want to be anything else. We do not choose to be common, and it is our right to be uncommon. We seek opportunity, not security. We do not want to be kept citizens, dulled by having the government look after us. We want to take risks, to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed. We love the challenges of life rather than a guaranteed existence. We love the thrill of accomplishment and the fulfillment of our goals. We refuse to trade our freedom and dignity for a handout. We will not bow to any master nor bend to any threat. It is our American heritage to stand tall, proud and unafraid; to think and act for ourselves; to enjoy and share the fruits of our labors, for we are a most generous people.

The world watches and wonders as we battle the ideology that has slithered in over the years. We thought we were safe and that what our forefathers accomplished more than 230 years ago was a done deal. We were wrong. We failed to heed the warnings. But now we do what Americans do best. We pick ourselves up, and face these challenges with boldness, with confidence and with unity. We must not be weakened by insults or be bullied into acting beneath our dignity. But we must be firm and determined and never give up. This, with God’s help, we can and will do.

Sunny Stapelman

Glenwood Springs

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