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A call for peace

We advocate for the equitable access by all peoples to resources, to the means of production and to social and political rights in the belief that access biased by super power dominance leads to a spiraling cycle of violence which we call the battle between terrorism and nationalism/global corporatization.

We advocate the legal, social and institutional changes necessary to bring about this equity and justice.

We choose to effect our advocacy through non-violent means since we believe that the “victory of arms leaves the issues where they were.” – Noam Chomsky

In the past 57 years since World War II, the USA has initiated 20 undeclared offensive wars, incursions into the territories of other sovereign nations. We Americans are now expected by our government to support a permanent state of war.

This extended state of war will lead to a permanent dominance by our military-industrial complex and a concomitant erosion of civil liberties for all citizens. We refuse to accept this as necessary for “security.”

We will work for alternative methods with which to face nationalism and terrorism such as the World Court, international laws implemented by the U.N. and methodologies of conflict resolution.

We now face two forces, one armed “with the nuclear arsenal of the obscenely powerful, the other with the power of the utterly hopeless.” – Arundhati Roy.

We can no longer be still, silent or inactive. We will confront the love of violence, rewarded by martyrdom and heroism. We will build another path, one that insists on the heroism of peace.

Peace is not simply an absence of war. It is much more difficult than war, requiring deep patience, resilience, stubborn will and high risk. We anticipate contributing to a global groundswell of opposition to a cyclical, systemic violence that saps the creative energy of the haves and crushes the potentials of the have-nots.

Mabel Macdonald

Glenwood and Aspen

Roaring Fork Coalition for Peace

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