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A call for nightlife

Dear Editor:The bars of Aspen: Institutions such as Cooper Street Pier and Bentley’s are so cool … and the Red Onion. Locals of all kinds congregate there. In the 1990s the Smuggler Bar was on Hopkins Avenue near the entrance of Caribou Club. Ute City Bar and Grill was the perfect spot for a little bit more “mature” locals. Jamie and Tami met there, and they later got married. The afternoon light in the bar was enchanting with the tainted glass panes in the upper windows.Aspen will forever miss the open-face ravioli, which was chef Maurice Couturier’s specialty. Now perhaps Jimmy’s Bar will take the place of “The Ute.” Jimmy’s is one level up from the Ute, for sure. The view from the terrace gives you an overview of the town that might make you dizzy.Legends Bar on Main Street was another fun place. It was a true sports bar. Aspen is a place of many sports. We need another sports bar, and the Ute City Bank location is available for lease. If we could get a really fun place at the Ute location it would give our town the complete club scene, which would pull people away from all the boring resorts and give them the time of their lives right here in Aspen.Do you old-timers (locals) remember Club Tattoo? It was the only “real” club in Aspen in the early 1990s. Then there was the Tippler. So much fun. The perfect club for all our younger, fun-loving summer and winter season vacationers. That club was all about dancing and hookin’ up. We miss it. Other clubs in the 1990s … do you remember the club in the sublevel where Bleeker Street Gym is now located? I remember several really good times there, very good times … ecstatic times.The Flying Dog microbrewery. Our very cool town did have its own microbrewery! The 1990s in Aspen rocked! The Flying Dog stage featuring live local bands was awesome! The music scene was alive then. Even Rosie at Guide’s Restaurant and Bar did have live music after dinner hours. Can we get some local music in very casual places please?! We Aspenites are very relaxed, and we would like some live, low-key music performed in any of the local joints.The summer season is coming my dear friends. Let’s get really fired up for another rockin’ season. This last year has been good, good, good. Remember that you are in the very center of the world of celebrities. We are just about in the middle between the Eastern hot spot of New York and the Western megacenter of Los Angeles. All the bands playing here this summer, crank the amps and don’t hold back. The Rocky Mountains, a whole new altitude.Jordan E. MollerstenAspen

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