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A call for more parking

Dear Editor:

I have lived in Aspen more than 20 years, and served several years on the Historic Preservation Commission. I am now a part-time resident, but still a concerned one.

The City Council, planning department and building department are so seduced by the offer of affordable housing that practical issues such as adequate parking for occupants are overlooked and encouraged. The number of cars parked on city streets continues to increase because of inadequate parking for residential units.

City Council just approved the Main Street housing project with 11 units and eight parking spaces. Some of these units are two bedrooms. Does this mean that there will be only eight persons of driving age and only eight vehicles? When will the city adjust to the fact that people have cars, whether they use them in the city or just park them somewhere until they go downvalley or out of the area?

I realize that a sellable or affordable unit is much more desirable than a parking space, but Aspen is suffering from the lack of required parking for our commercial and residential units. Hopefully, if Aspen Walk is eventually approved, there will be adequate parking onsite, as there is no street parking in the area.

Melanie Roschko


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