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A call for full disclosure

Dear Editor:

Having written a letter describing the potential damage inflicted on the Maroon and Castle creeks riparian ecosystems by the hydro project, I feel I must join in denouncing the refusal of one of the anti-hydro groups to disclose its backers.

In the wake of the Citizens United decision, which I personally think we must reverse to salvage our democracy, many voters have become allergic to a lack of transparency. The secrecy of the Aspen Citizens Committee, with its fliers of questionable accuracy, has become the focus of attention, rather than the merits and flaws of the hydro project we are voting on. Even if they are not in violation of local and state law, by hiding their identities, the backers of this committee are undermining their own cause.

As someone who also opposes the hydro project, I make this request: Disclose yourselves, or withdraw from the election.

Bruce Berger


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