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A bus, or a bar?

(This letter was originally addressed to Dan Blankenship, RFTA executive director.)Dear Editor:Last week I had my car in the shop in Glenwood Springs. I had to take the bus downvalley from Aspen to get my car.I wanted to let you know my thoughts on a bus trip I took recently.First, the bus was clean, and very nice. I felt very comfortable. However, that changed quite quickly. As we left Aspen, the bus filled quite quickly. We got on Highway 82 and I noticed multiple popping noises. I looked around, and almost every Latino male on the bus proceeded to reach in their backpacks and retrieve a beer. Both in cans and bottles. They were even toasting and clicking their bottles. Amazing!A nanny had a child in rout and was sitting in the back of the bus. She quickly got up and moved the child and herself to the front of the bus. She said as she was moving to the child, “I guess they couldn’t wait to get home.” I find it pretty disgusting to be forced to smell their nasty beer belches for the hour to Carbondale. I can’t believe people are allowed to do this.I am not against drinking. God knows, I have put a few down in my day … but not on a public bus.I will be writing a letter to both papers about this subject. I believe it is a problem that your company needs to address. The fact that more and more people are using the bus these days, I believe it is important that all are comfortable on these trips.Tim DavidNew Castle


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