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A broken council

Dear Editor:

The city of Aspen is broken. I attended our city council meeting last night until after midnight. If you think that is crazy I couldn’t agree more. I only put myself through these meetings like so many other members of the public because I care about our community. Council meetings are far too long. Around 9 p.m. our council members’ eyes begin swelling – they get impatient and cranky. It is unfair to them and to anyone who attends to let meetings go past 9. Council and staff have to limit these packed agendas and end meetings at a reasonable hour. We need our council members to be at their best and not punch drunk from exhaustion when making decisions that affect our future.

I would also like to know the source of our mayor’s clairvoyance. According to the mayor, “the sky is falling.” The wealthy of our nation and the world are changing their spending habits and won’t stay at an upscale resort like Aspen. What’s more, Mick predicts 10 percent unemployment for five more years. If he is right, then why spend the first hour and a half of the meeting fighting with Marilyn Marks over IRV? We are all going to hell soon and it doesn’t matter.

Cliff Weiss


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