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A bright future with 1A

Dear Editor:

There may not be any controversial candidates, but the elections in Eagle and Pitkin counties feature great opportunities to create change in our communities and environment. Measure 1A creates the Energy Smart Loan Program, which allows interested homeowners and businesses to opt in to receive financing for energy efficiency and clean energy improvements to their homes and businesses. Costs are repaid through assessments added to property taxes, so they are spread out over 15 to 20 years, and the costs remain with the property if sold.

What makes this so special is that program costs are paid by those who participate in and benefit from the program. There are no tax increases! Administrative costs are minimal and expected to be covered through grants from the state as part of its energy initiatives. The program has been successfully run in Boulder and is now expanding to other parts of our state. I am not aware of any opposition.

Please take the time to vote yes for 1A for a brighter, cleaner future and a boost to our economy. It’s an efficient (mail-in) vote for efficiency and a better environment. Remember, it does require 61 cents for postage. Thank you!

Dave Munk

Missouri Heights

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